As of today I will not maintain this ebuild anymore. Please have a look at this post for more details. I would like to take the chance to thank you all for the positive feedback you have always given me.

Current version: amarok-svn-1.4-r9

Here you can find the latest ebuild for amarok-svn. This ebuild will get the latest amaroK source code from subversion and build amaroK.

amaroK is a music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. amaroK makes playing the music you love easier than ever before – and looks good doing it.

Change list:

  • 1.4-r9 I haven’t had a lot of time to work on anything except for my paid job lateley… But thanks to radfoj there is now a version that supports the updated build process.
  • 1.4-r7 thanks to captain obvious and all the others who provided me with feedback (mainly during my holidays) I can now present you a new version with the following new features and or changes:
    – in sync (again) with the official amarok ebuild
    – rename of the moodbar use flag, it is now called exscalibar
    – as with the original release this build depends on xine
    – removed use flags for arts and gstreamer
    – included a use flag for gstreamer010, let me know if you have problems with it
    – included a use flag for ifp, which adds iriver support
    – included a use flag for aac
    – tunepimp now correctly depends on the musicbrainz use flag (minor bug)
  • 1.4-r6 now depends on ruby, since the lyric scripts need it
  • 1.4-r5 now fixes the checkout bug in portage. This bug caused a full checkout of subversion every time you emerged amaroK. For others (see the comments) it caused a complete non-working ebuild. Thanks go out to Anli for pointing it out and helping with the bug fixing with the Gentoo developers.
    For this to work you will need a very recent version of portage and probably a testing Gentoo environment as well (ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=”~????” in your /etc/make.conf).
  • Works with the latest changes in the amaroK subversion repository. Versions before 1.4-r2 will not work with the current structure in subversion.
  • Supports libgpod (ipod library) with the ‘ipod’ use-flag. You will need to have libgpod as well. Please check here to find out how to get this library.
  • Supports exscalibar (or moodbar) with the ‘moodbar’ use-flag. You will need the exscalibar ebuild as well
  • Now makes sure you can’t install it together with the ‘normal’ amaroK
  • It now comes as a package you have to unpack into your portage overlay directory (no more ebuild amarok-svn-1.4-rx.ebuild digest).
  • To use:

  • Download the package
  • Check your /etc/make.conf and see what the value of your PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable is
  • Change to one of your ‘overlay’ directories and execute:
    tar zxvf /path/to/amarok-svn.tar.gz
  • Execute:
    emerge amarok-svn

Filed as Gentoo bug nr: 121717. This ebuild will never be in portage.