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As of today I will not maintain this ebuild anymore. Please have a look at this post for more details. I would like to take the chance to thank you all for the positive feedback you have always given me.

Current version: amarok-svn-1.4-r9

Here you can find the latest ebuild for amarok-svn. This ebuild will get the latest amaroK source code from subversion and build amaroK.

amaroK is a music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. amaroK makes playing the music you love easier than ever before – and looks good doing it.

Change list:

  • 1.4-r9 I haven’t had a lot of time to work on anything except for my paid job lateley… But thanks to radfoj there is now a version that supports the updated build process.
  • 1.4-r7 thanks to captain obvious and all the others who provided me with feedback (mainly during my holidays) I can now present you a new version with the following new features and or changes:
    – in sync (again) with the official amarok ebuild
    – rename of the moodbar use flag, it is now called exscalibar
    – as with the original release this build depends on xine
    – removed use flags for arts and gstreamer
    – included a use flag for gstreamer010, let me know if you have problems with it
    – included a use flag for ifp, which adds iriver support
    – included a use flag for aac
    – tunepimp now correctly depends on the musicbrainz use flag (minor bug)
  • 1.4-r6 now depends on ruby, since the lyric scripts need it
  • 1.4-r5 now fixes the checkout bug in portage. This bug caused a full checkout of subversion every time you emerged amaroK. For others (see the comments) it caused a complete non-working ebuild. Thanks go out to Anli for pointing it out and helping with the bug fixing with the Gentoo developers.
    For this to work you will need a very recent version of portage and probably a testing Gentoo environment as well (ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=”~????” in your /etc/make.conf).
  • Works with the latest changes in the amaroK subversion repository. Versions before 1.4-r2 will not work with the current structure in subversion.
  • Supports libgpod (ipod library) with the ‘ipod’ use-flag. You will need to have libgpod as well. Please check here to find out how to get this library.
  • Supports exscalibar (or moodbar) with the ‘moodbar’ use-flag. You will need the exscalibar ebuild as well
  • Now makes sure you can’t install it together with the ‘normal’ amaroK
  • It now comes as a package you have to unpack into your portage overlay directory (no more ebuild amarok-svn-1.4-rx.ebuild digest).
  • To use:

  • Download the package
  • Check your /etc/make.conf and see what the value of your PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable is
  • Change to one of your ‘overlay’ directories and execute:
    tar zxvf /path/to/amarok-svn.tar.gz
  • Execute:
    emerge amarok-svn

Filed as Gentoo bug nr: 121717. This ebuild will never be in portage.


33 Responses

  1. jniklast says:

    if you replace



    kde_src_compile myconf configure
    export PATH=”${KDEDIR}/bin:${PATH}”
    emake -j1 || die “emake failed”

    as it is said here, then it should work.

  2. jord says:

    Works. Thanks for that. I have updated the ebuild.

  3. jord says:

    He he… The link you provided goes to the Amarok Wike, Gentoo Build part. Funny to see your own text getting updated in wikis.

  4. jniklast says:

    Yeah, I wonder why the guy who wrote that solution didn’t just tell you. But that wiki-part looked a bit outdated anyway, a few days ago it still linked to your 1.3-r2 ebuild, but that got updated as I see now.
    Anyway, thanks for the nice ebuild, keep up the good work! Ah yeah and Merry Christmas, of course!

  5. jord says:

    I took care of the original linking to my site, should have taken care of the updates as well. Guess I forgot about that 😉

    Merry Christmas to you as well (although it is almost over now) and a ‘Guten Rutsch’ (nice slide into the new year).

  6. anli says:


    Few days ago (2 or 3) whith 1.3-r1 and with 1.4-r1 I have the error shown below. I use ~x86. Is this proble my one only?

    * updated in: /x/portage/distfiles/svn-src/amarok/admin
    svn: Destination directory exists, and will not be overwritten unless forced
    svn: Can’t create directory ‘/wrk/tmp/portage/portage/amarok-svn-1.4-r1/work/amarok-svn-1.4’: File exists

  7. radfoj says:

    Hi, thanks for ebuild. On 23 and 24 of December, amarok was emerged without problem. But my two next try, end with same error as ANLI in comment 78.

    In both errors, there were no changes at svn. I will wait, till some updates will be there and will be try. If without luck that, will come back.

    Thanks once more for providing amaroK ebuild.

  8. anli says:


    Have done all these without success 🙁 Have you synced ~x86 or something else?

  9. jord says:


    Sure I have ~x86… I would not be emerging svn-ebuilds if I wanted to have a stable system ;-). I emerged today (haven’t been emerging amarok for the last two days) and yes, I’m getting the same error. Looking into that one now.

  10. jniklast says:

    Yeah same error here, but I think it’s a problem with the subversion_src_unpack function which is part of the subversion.eclass, which is part of portage… I didn’t try it, but I would guess that other svn ebuilds don’t work either.

  11. jord says:

    Fixed it in r2. I don’t know what changed exactly, I think the way the amarok guys do their subversion repository… Can’t tell for sure. Only thing I know is the checkout done by the ebuild was different from the one specified on the amarok homepage. Fixed that and now it works (for me).

  12. anli says:


    1.4-r2 works for me too. Thanks!!

  13. anli says:

    Happy NY!

    It seems like something changed with KDE SVN repository again. Is anybody able to build the app? I use synced ~x86 and have got:

    Good – your configure finished. Start make now

    make all-recursive
    make[1]: Entering directory `/wrk/tmp/portage/portage/amarok-svn-1.4-r2/work/amarok-svn-1.4′
    Making all in amarok
    make[2]: Entering directory `/wrk/tmp/portage/portage/amarok-svn-1.4-r2/work/amarok-svn-1.4/amarok’
    Making all in src
    /bin/sh: line 0: cd: src: No such file or directory
    make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/wrk/tmp/portage/portage/amarok-svn-1.4-r2/work/amarok-svn-1.4/amarok’
    make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/wrk/tmp/portage/portage/amarok-svn-1.4-r2/work/amarok-svn-1.4′
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    !!! ERROR: media-sound/amarok-svn-1.4-r2 failed.
    !!! Function src_compile, Line 108, Exitcode 2
    !!! ?emake failed?
    !!! If you need support, post the topmost build error, NOT this status message.

  14. toonetown says:

    In order to test out the new libgpod functionality and the new artwork on the ipod, I modified your script slightly, and created an ebuild for the CVS version of libgpod. You can get the libgpod ebuild here and the (slightly modified) amarok-svn ebuild here (just added an “ipod” use flag…

  15. jniklast says:

    Can’t confirm that. Compiles fine here!

  16. jord says:

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    You guys won’t give me a break on this one, now do you 😉 ? Emerging on the 31st and the 1st…?

    I just tried emerging everything again and it worked as it should. So now there could be two problems:

    1) It is subversion so it might not compile…
    2) You are running into a problem I have caused.

    If it is number 1, try again, you will be fine now.

    If it is number 2 (are you blaming me, come on, you can’t be), you might have run into a small problem I have caused.

    When releasing 1.4-r2 I’ve uploaded a wrong file. I found out after an hour or two. After that I have uploaded the correct file. I could have named it 1.4-r3, but I hoped nobody had downloaded it already.

    The difference between the two files is the way it handles an initial checkout on the subversion repository. You will only run into this problem if you never emerged amarok-svn before (or removed everything under /usr/portage/distfiles/svn-src/amarok).

    Well whatever, it might be that redownloading 1.4-r2 will fix your problem. (Don’t forget to digest it).

    Again: a happy new year to you all. Hope it will bring a lot of good stuff.

  17. toonetown says:

    I guess that there is no rest for the weary…

    The ipod use flag is not included in the “IUSE” variable :(…

    And it might be better to link it to a different ebuild than libgpod – I created a libgpod-cvs ebuild that you can get from here. Seems like that would make a little more sense given that this is a “live” ebuild as well…

    It also might be a good idea to put “!media-sound/amarok” in your dependencies so that someone doesn’t install both amarok and amarok-svn…

    Thanks for the great work!

    Here’s the diffs that I’m using (successfully…)

    [To save a little space I removed the diff and included it in amarok-svn-1.4-r4. Jord]

  18. toonetown says:

    BTW – the link to your site on gives a 404 error.

  19. jord says:

    Updated the link and the ebuild…
    Changed the way the site is organized, so it might be easier for everyone. Changed the ebuild into a package, containing all the ebuilds, the manifests and the files…

    Now maybe I have some rest…

  20. kucrut says:

    Confirmed what ANLY got, and fixed it by deleting amarok dir in $DISTDIR/svn-src and re-emerge

  21. anli says:

    Please, look at here:

    In accordance with above link, I have patched and added


    string to r4 ebuild file. Now all works.

    I don’t understand why everybody has not any problems 🙂

  22. jord says:

    Thanks Anli for pointing that out. I think your problem would have been fixed if you would have cleaned out /var/tmp/portage/amarok-svn/.

    Then again: your solution fixed another problem I am having; the ebuild always does a complete checkout of subversion, it does not update the files already checked out.

    Now since the problem is in portage itself, I will have to wait for your patch to be included in portage before I can update the ebuild here… Sorry for that. For all those having the problem Anli is having, please use his solution!

  23. anli says:


    I must to clarify: patch isn’t my one – I’m the cited bug reporter only 🙂

  24. anli says:

    Just want to add, current sys-apps/portage-2.1_pre4 has included cited patch.

  25. radfoj says:


    amaroK 1.4-beta2 was released and in changes I see also:

    The aRts and GStreamer-0.8 engines have been removed, to get more manpower on GStreamer-0.10 engine development

    What does it mean to amarok-svn ebuild?

  26. jord says:

    Not yet a lot, I have a big update waiting for me…

    Will be this weekend I hope.

  27. hish says:

    hey, I’ve been using your ebuild for months now, it’s been awesome to be able to build SVN Amarok as new features are tested. just this week though, when I tried to update, it failed with this message..

    amarokdcophandler.cpp:22:26: amarokconfig.h: No such file or directory
    In file included from amarokdcophandler.cpp:35:
    ../../../amarok/src/playlist.h:23:26: amarokconfig.h: No such file or directory
    In file included from amarokdcophandler.cpp:35:
    ../../../amarok/src/playlist.h:118: error: incomplete type `AmarokConfig' used in nested name specifier
    In file included from amarokdcophandler.cpp:36:
    ../../../amarok/src/playlistbrowser.h:195: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `QDict' with no type
    ../../../amarok/src/playlistbrowser.h:195: error: expected `;' before '

    I hope it's fixable, it's depressing to have to use the 1.4 beta version. thanks for your attention, and this great ebuild.

  28. anli says:


    I have got the same error. But after next svn update all works fine again.

  29. radfoj says:

    Does new inotify support work for you? I have recent kernel with inotify enabled, but during amarok-svn configure I get:

    checking linux/inotify.h usability… no
    checking linux/inotify.h presence… no
    checking for linux/inotify.h… no

    And than, after copying some new song to some folder for my collection, it appears in amarok after several seconds (+-20) … it should be imediately, if working correctly, no?

  30. radfoj says:

    Hi, after some time amarok-svn, there are again some problems with build process:

    *** Creating config.h template
    *** Creating Makefile templates
    libamarok_gst10engine_plugin_la_LDFLAGS: variable `LIB_GST10′ is used but `LIB_GST10′ is undefined
    make[1]: *** [cvs] Error 1
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    >>> Source unpacked.

    it continues than, configure finishes but quickly after starting make emerge dies. Just tried remove everything gstreamer related, but nothing changes.

  31. radfoj says:

    markey (Amarok developer) answered on for problem mentioned above quickly :

    Use unsermake.

  32. radfoj says:

    Sorry for spaming here, but with with unsermake I wasnt sucesfull too. Solution was to use automake-1.9.

    Btw I edited/corrected ebuild according the one in portage. Gstream is right now dropped in cvs, same as moodbar. Amarok is now instaled into /usr … now there is no “kde-config –prefix”, also “make -f Makefile.cvs”. How it looks like, you can see here

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