Fear destroys what bin Laden could not

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Fear destroys what bin Laden could not

The MiamiHerald has a good article about the wrongheaded approach the Bush government has taken after 911. The article does a good job in describing my feelings about that situation during the last four years. I even posted a comment on slashdot once, stating “Fear is the reason why people accept this”. This brought down my karma by 1 point (the slashdot readers will know what I’m talking about).
From the article:

One wonders if Osama bin Laden didn’t win after all. He ruined the America that existed on 9/11. But he had help.

If, back in 2001, anyone had told me that four years after bin Laden’s attack our president would admit that he broke U.S. law against domestic spying and ignored the Constitution — and then expect the American people to congratulate him for it — I would have presumed the girders of our very Republic had crumbled.

Had anyone said our president would invade a country and kill 30,000 of its people claiming a threat that never, in fact, existed, then admit he would have invaded even if he had known there was no threat — and expect America to be pleased by this — I would have thought our nation’s sensibilities and honor had been eviscerated.

Link (via boingboing).


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