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Installing mediabrowser in a jail root

Describes the installation of Mediabrowser in a chroot environment.

Recursively merge multi part movie files

So I had some split movies that I wanted to merge together. Since I didn’t want to search for every problematic file and manually fix it, I decided to write a script. The script takes a top directory as argument and then goes through all sub directories looking for mp4 or avi files that have…
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Installing XBMC – perfect startup on Linux

This guide will allow you to install XBMC on an Ubuntu host and reduce the amount of output during the boot process.

Host subsonic at home with SSL (Ubuntu install)

Install subsonic at home on your own apache with https and access it over the internet.

Prevent grub screen after failed boot

After the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 I noticed that my HTPC box wouldn’t automatically reboot after a hard reset. I always had to connect a keyboard and press the enter button to resume booting. Kind of an unwanted situation for a box that stands in the living room. So I went through the grub.cfg file…
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