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Hass Hilft!

Wir präsentieren: HASS HILFT – die erste unfreiwillige Online-Spenden-Aktion. Und so geht’s: Wir wandeln jeden menschenverachtenden Kommentar in eine SPENDE VON 1 EURO um. Heißt: Je mehr Hasskommentare, desto mehr Euro. Und diese Spenden gehen nicht irgendwohin. Sondern an Flüchtlingsprojekte der „Aktion Deutschland Hilft“ und an „EXIT-Deutschland“, eine Initiative gegen Rechts. Link.

IT Art

To decorate his room, my son has created some paintings of various IT products / projects. I think they worked out pretty well.

BBC’s list of pages de-indexed through Europe’s “right to be forgotten”

A European court has given citizens of the EU the possibility to have links to (negative) articles removed from search engine indexes. The original articles are not affected, so this “right to be forgotten” is mainly a “right to be hidden”. News websites are not search engines, so this right does not apply to them.…
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Anti-Booing technology for the Eurovision Song Contest

Since we are not allowed to criticize a country anymore if it invades its neighbors: Organizers of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest are installing special anti-booing technology in anticipation that Russia’s entry may get a hostile reception at the event this Saturday. The ESC is there to promote a happy, peaceful Europe and if it…
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Do Not Track: revolutionary mashup documentary about Web privacy

Do Not Track is a personalized documentary series about privacy and the web economy. If you share data with us, we’ll show you what the web knows about you. This documentary series will explore how information about you is collected and used. Every two weeks, we will release a personalized episode that explores a different…
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