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This information is here for historic purposes. I am not maintaining the ebuilds anymore and they will very probably not work on your system anyway.

With the current amount of ebuilds on my blog it might be hard to find each one of them. So I decided it is a good idea to have them all together.

Here is a list of the ebuilds you can find on my site (if you have questions or comments, please leave a comment with the ebuild):

  • Amarok-svn ebuild. This ebuild will build the latest Amarok (the music player for linux) version from subversion. You can�t be more up-to-date
  • Exscalibar ebuild. This ebuild enables the moodbar extension for Amarok
  • SmartDJ ebuilds. This set contains all the dependencies to install the SmartDJ plugin for Amarok

Here is a list of related ebuilds that are not hosted on my site and for which I don’t have any responsibility (so don’t mail me if they don’t work):

  • libgpod-cvs-0.4.0 ebuild. A CVS ebuild for ipod support maintained by Nathan. If you have questions concerning this ebuild please contact Nathan under: nathan at toonetown dot com


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  1. […] Supports libgpod (ipod library) with the ‘ipod’ use-flag. You will need to have libgpod as well. Please check here to find out how to get this library. […]

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