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Kansas to redefine science

The Kansas board of education today redefined science so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena. This redefinition was needed to allow for ‘Intelligent Design’ in Science classes. The new standards say high school students must understand major evolutionary concepts. But they also declare that the basic Darwinian…
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Norway to put its TV and radio online

Norway has decided to put a lot of TV and Radio (public channels) online. This could have been a great project, but the government of Norway decided to put all the content through Microsoft DRM. Thus giving Microsoft control over who can play the content, where and on what devices. Boingboing‘s Cory did a nice…
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Wart asked me to post a link to the airplane folding site… Well here it is: Link

Stupid Rat Creatures

I’ve been asked about the stupid rat creatures category on the website. Well it basically is my way to describe an incredibly stupid event. Where stupid is according to my definitions. The term itself comes from the Bone comics, by Jeff Smith (get them all, they are great). To clear up all the questions, here…
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Flying Spaghetti Monster

Boingboing has a lively discussion about the creationists against evolutionists debat in the USA. I think we here in Europe are not so aware of this whole topic, but it makes for an interesting read. In case you have no clue what I’m talking about: The creationists say that there are a lot of holes…
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