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Chimp playing Ms. Packman

Here is a 3 minute movie of a chimpanzee playing Ms. Pacman. The chimp really enjoys every minute of it.


A small, very nice flash game to train you balance can be found here.


OK, I though I was never going to do this… I have been skipping advertisement everywhere I can… Installed ad-blocking stuff for my pc (adzapper and mozilla,) and even built a mythtv box to get rid of commercials on tv. However if advertisement makers can guarantee me that everything they make will be as nice…
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A while ago I blogged about a falling mannequin. Seems that someone has changed the flash file, so it now features a falling G.W. Bush. He just keeps falling and falling and … Link.

Here is a $1 million crash.

Investigators intend to again interrogate the man who said he was a passenger ‘not the driver’ of the $1 million Ferrari that crashed into a power pole in Malibu and was cut in half, authorities said today. The man, Stefan Eriksson, told investigators the driver also survived the 120mph crash with minor injuries and fled…
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