Stupid Rat Creatures

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Stupid Rat Creatures

I’ve been asked about the stupid rat creatures category on the website.

Well it basically is my way to describe an incredibly stupid event. Where stupid is according to my definitions. The term itself comes from the Bone comics, by Jeff Smith (get them all, they are great).

To clear up all the questions, here is what the Urban Dictionary has to say about it:

1. int. a term often used by the heroic cast of the graphic novel series Bone, whenever the two main rat creatures do something unquestionably stupid

2. int. a term used to show disgust towards people who have done something really stupid, usu. when this results in major inconvenience to you and/or them and usu. with “rat creatures” substituted for the people you wish to insult

And here is the first (but not the last) occurence of it in the Bone comics:


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