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Own repository

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new Laptop for work: a Dell D830 with Santa Rosa Chipset. A nice machine, but it couldn’t run Kubuntu with Beryl and all the nice graphics features I use to make Vista look pale. To solve the issue I backported a couple of packages from gutsy to…
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Usb sound card, alsa and udev

Found the following information on Joeys blog: If you’re like me and had to buy a usb sound card since the laptop’s onboard soundcard creates too much noise, and would like to have that card used by default when it’s plugged in, but otherwise have builtin card be used, create an /etc/udev/rules.d/00_local.rules containing: # Default…
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No new ebuilds

Since it might concern some of you, I have switched away from Gentoo. Although it has been great fun, I don’t have the time anymore to build everything from scratch. I came to the point where I want a distribution that “just works”. For what it is worth, the choice of today seems to be…
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Katapult ebuild

Current version: katapult-0.3.1 This is a very simple ebuild for katapult. Katapult is an application for KDE, written in C++, designed to allow faster access to applications, bookmarks, and other items. It is plugin-based, so it can launch anything that has a plugin for. Its display is driven by plugins as well, so its appearance…
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Moodbar for amaroK SVN

Current version: exscalibar-1.0.4. Here you can find the latest ebuild for exscalibar. It will install support for the moodbar plugin used by amaroK. To use it: Add the ‘moodbar’ use-flag to your /etc/make.conf Download the package Check your /etc/make.conf and see what the value of your PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable is Change to one of your ‘overlay’…
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