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Guess the song

Great video. Someone singing a song reverse. Try to get the name of the song before the middle of the video.

Bruce Schneier interviewed by Freaknomics

Bruce Schneier (security guru) just finished an interview with Freaknomics. In the interview he answers a lot of questions of Freaknomics readers. His answers include a lot of links to articles he has posted on various topics. Well worth a read. Q: Is there any benefit to password protecting your home Wifi network? I have…
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Ubuntu hardy

Alright, I’ve done it. Have been playing around with Feisty and got it all to work on my precious Dell D830. I had a lot of problems with Feisty (you will find the links on the left) so when Gutsy came out I hoped everything would be fixed (it did have the new intel drivers).…
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Sometimes coincidence just plays it games. Today BoingBoing posts a story about vinegar and the things you can do with it. I would say that just comes in handy whenever you might need it. Sample recommendations: Make creamy scrambled eggs: as eggs thicken when scrambling, add a tablespoon of vinegar for every two eggs. Rub…
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HowTo replaygain your entire collection

Every time I need to do this, I forget where I found it. This information is copied from here. Vorbis ogg: vorbisgain -arfs * mp3 (using mp3gain): find -type d -exec sh -c "mp3gain \"{}\"/*.mp3" \; mp4 and mp3: find -type d -exec sh -c "mp3gain \"{}\"/*.mp3" \; mpc: find -type d -exec sh -c…
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