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Installation challence

So I wanted to install Mythbuntu on my old Dell C640, I downloaded the CD and started the PC. Things went cool until the installation reached 25%. At that point ubiquity decided that the CD was corrupt and the installation could not continue. So I tested the CD on both the old computer and a…
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While waiting for a new rebuild of KDE from subversion I usually waste way too much time on Knetwalk. It’s a fun little game where you need to connect all the pcs to the net (the world symbol). And just for the ego factor: my current high score is 55 seconds for a ‘hard’ game…
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Henk Hofstra: environmental art in Leeuwarden

People who read my blog now that I frequently post articles I have read on Boing Boing. This post is not different from that rule. There is just one funny twist about this one: I find it unbelievable that I have to read an American blog to know what is happening in Leeuwarden. Afterall my…
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The wonders of mod_rewrite

Sometimes I forget the wonders of the different modules Apache has. A friend of mine drew my attention to mod_rewrite. A very useful tool indeed. You can prevent people from steeling your content, or do other nice redirecting rules with it. Here is a nice example that illustrates how to redirect all incoming calls from…
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Nice gadget

The first thing I thought when I saw this nice little device was: wow this would make an excellent remote control for my mythtv box at home. But with 300 Euros it  really makes for a very expensive remote control. So I’m now looking for an alternate excuse to buy this ultimate gadget. Maybe someone…
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