Groklaw presents: Coldpizza

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Groklaw presents: Coldpizza

Coldplay (the band) have launched their latest CD (X&Y) with a piece of DRM that might make it impossible to play the CD in about any device you have, except for an ordinary CD player. Personally I only own DVD players, so I will not be buying this CD (I do own the others). The hilarious part is that the disclaimer in the CD states you can’t return the CD if you disagree with the license, you can only return it if the CD is physically broken. The best part is: you can only read the disclaimer after opening the CD. I am wondering if this is legal in Germany…

The fine folks at Groklaw decided it would be fun to see what happens if pizza would come with a Colplay like disclaimer.


This FOOD PRODUCT cannot be re-heated using an unauthorized FOOD PRODUCT Reheating (FP-R) device, nor can it be converted into smaller slices for food sharing.

You may not, through the use of external implements, alter the size of the FOOD PRODUCT.

The maximum ratio of FOOD PRODUCT portions is limited to no more than 3.14159265 servings per person per purchased item. By purchasing this FOOD PRODUCT, you agree in advance to purchase in sufficient quantity so as not to exceed this limitation.

Only officially licensed and legally purchased ingredients and/or toppings may be used in conjunction with this FOOD PRODUCT. As such, you agree not to alter the finished FOOD PRODUCT by either adding unauthorized ingredients or removing any existing ingredients.



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