I’m back at last

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I’m back at last

Well I’m back after a couple of weeks (months?). Lot of stuff happened. Here is an explanation as to why I haven’t been around for a while.

First I changed ISP. My old ISP set an unknown owner on all the files I uploaded through the gallery. They refused to change their settings, so I had to change ISPs. This change happened about 3 days before I went to Chile for a four weeks holiday. Needless to say I didn’t have an awful lot of time to work on the site.

When I came back there was a lot of work waiting for me, so I have been really, really busy. As from today, I hope to have a little bit more time.

Today I installed the new WordPress version 1.5. Downloaded a nice travelling theme at Alex King’s website, I might change it a bit, but that will definitely take some time. For now, the first priority is to get the galleries up and running.

When that is all set up, I probably will spend a lot of time uploading the pictures.

I’ve uploaded the Chili pictures you can find them here.


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