Worm up for auction on marktplaats.nl

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Worm up for auction on marktplaats.nl

Worm the Rotterdam stage for culture and music is on sale on marktplaats.

Disregarding a very positive response by the Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture (RRKC) to WORM’™s plans concerning 2009-2012, it will not be possible to keep the organisation afloat with the amount of money assigned to it by this same council. It seems like we have perished amongst the waves of good intent, crushed by cultures mammoth-tank vessels in a pond which is too small. The fact that we would perish for budgetary reasons only ‘“ if RRKC’™s advice is utilised in its present form – seems ridicules and has caused for much grief at Achterhaven 148.

Mike van Gaasbeek, the financial director and a good friend of mine, indicates that every bid from at least €400.000 will be taken seriously.



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