New Amarok-svn ebuild

It seems that I have become the maintainer of the amarok-svn.ebuild. Might as well take the responsibility for the moment, since I need the ebuild for my own good use anyways 😉

Well a lot has changed with KDE, everyone and everything seems to prepare for KDE 4.0, which means that the 3.5 branch has become its own branch and 4.0 seems to be developed in the main branch.

Result was that the default admin directory, checked out in the ebuild, suddenly depended on unsermake and QT4.0. Not directly what you would want. I did a little bit of rewriting of the ebuild, so it will use the 3.5 branch for the admin files (with automake and autoconf).

Works for me.

Update 08/09/2005: had a small error in the ebuild. Fixed that.

Here it is.

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  1. Hi!

    Happy days being the maintainer of the amarok-svn.ebuild!! 🙂 And – BIG thanks!

    I have tried the r1 with this emerge string:

    UNSERMAKE=/usr/kde/unsermake/unsermake emerge amarok-svn

    and have got the error shown below. unsermake is updated just now.


    [Output removed on Andrews request]

  2. Aha… I have found my mistake. All works fine after:

    – removing old admin dir,
    – eliminating unsermake use.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Happy to see that you’ve worked it out. Have been away for a couple of days, read your post today 😉

    Not a lot of updates with amarok lately. Guess the developers are on holiday too.



  4. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve updated the ebuild to r2. I think it works better now.


  5. Hi, Jord,

    Thanks for your time devoted to amarok-svn.ebuild!

    But… It seems like r2 get only amarok’s root dir excluding subdirs.
    I have tried ‘svn up’ inside ‘…/distfiles/svn-src/amarok/amarok’
    and have got plenty of updates _after_ emerging with r2.


  6. You are right. I think I have found it. I will let you know (by email) as soon as I have figured out.

    Update: I have updated the r2 ebuild. It should be correct now. Please redownload it.

  7. Is this going to get submitted to the “official” channel and put in the portage tree?

  8. Hey Jord, just got you ebuild and wanted to thank you for it. One small comment though, I remember reading somewhere that amarok 1.3.x needs taglib 1.4 but your script says nothing about it (or at least does nothing about it).

  9. Hi Mebrelith: glad to help out. I will have a look at the taglib requirements. I think I never found out since I have it installed anyway (I guess Juk depends on it as well)

    Hi Jetsaredim: no I don’t think so. I don’t think a svn build (unstable to the max) should be in the official portage tree. But if you want to have it there, copy the script to

  10. Do you know of any way to get the svn sources out through a firewall?

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