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I finally found my way to Wikileaks is a website for whistleblowers, it accepts classified, censored or otherwise restricted material of political, diplomatic or ethical significance. I read a lot about it during the time they were brought offline by the Swiss bank, but never found a moment to just have a look at the site. Until today that is. Apart from a description of the US equipment in Iraq in 2007 they have a report desribing how former Stasi employees help out to classify the old Stasi reports.

 However from November 2006 allegations started to circulate, most notably in the German news paper Die Welt that the BStU, tasked to guard the Stasi files, had been infiltrated by a number of former Stasi officers and informers. In response the German government commissioned an investigation.

By June 2007, the investigative team, led by Prof. Hans Hugo Klien, a former judge of the German Federal Constitution Court and CDU politician, had completed its confidential report into the infiltration.

The report has been obtained by Wikileaks and is the subject of this analysis.



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