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Arcade Fire in Cologne

I visited the Arcade Fire concert in Cologne yesterday. What a fine band. I completely enjoyed the band an the show. Very impressing and inspiring. Here is a picture posted on flickr: And here is the setlist Keep the car running No Cars go Haiti Black mirror Intervention Neon Bible(Extended version) Windowsill The well &…
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HowTo replaygain your entire collection

Every time I need to do this, I forget where I found it. This information is copied from here. Vorbis ogg: vorbisgain -arfs * mp3 (using mp3gain): find -type d -exec sh -c "mp3gain \"{}\"/*.mp3" \; mp4 and mp3: find -type d -exec sh -c "mp3gain \"{}\"/*.mp3" \; mpc: find -type d -exec sh -c…
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Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

You can listen to Justice. Nice video, nice song. Nothing new though.

Amarok SVN ebuild

I regularly check the SVN builds of Amarok my favorite music program (if you are using linux, go check it out). Since I also use Gentoo, I just needed to have a good ebuild for it. I found a very good file on the Amarok forums, but had some small problems with it (it did…
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