Arcade Fire in Cologne

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Arcade Fire in Cologne

I visited the Arcade Fire concert in Cologne yesterday. What a fine band. I completely enjoyed the band an the show. Very impressing and inspiring. Here is a picture posted on flickr:

And here is the setlist

Keep the car running
No Cars go
Black mirror
Neon Bible(Extended version)
The well & the lighthouse
Crown of Love
Ocean of Noise
Tunnels(long version)
Power Out
My body is a cage
Wake Up

On the not so good side I can only say that the sound in the Palladium was awful. The sound guys forgot to turn on the microphone for Win a number of times. Apart from that they had a big problem with songs that had just a little bit more bass in them. Due to the fact that volumes were already at max the extra basses turned the Palladium into a big bowl of acoustic soup. That way at least three songs, including “Black Mirror”, got completely ruined. Thanks guys.


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