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No new ebuilds

Since it might concern some of you, I have switched away from Gentoo. Although it has been great fun, I don’t have the time anymore to build everything from scratch. I came to the point where I want a distribution that “just works”. For what it is worth, the choice of today seems to be…
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What’s that on your plate

Funny, very, very funny. Link.

Groklaw presents: Coldpizza

Coldplay (the band) have launched their latest CD (X&Y) with a piece of DRM that might make it impossible to play the CD in about any device you have, except for an ordinary CD player. Personally I only own DVD players, so I will not be buying this CD (I do own the others). The…
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SonyBMG again

A while ago I blogged about my experiences with the Air album WalkieTalkie. This album has (had?) some awful content protection mechanism. The protection caused the album to sound like a LP that had seen too many parties. Back in the days I talked to BMG about it, they offered to change the CD for…
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Too Funny

For those of you who actually understand the ‘all your base are belong to us’ joke, this is for you. Texts from the original SEGA game ‘zero wing’ sung to the Bohemian Rhapsody. Nice animations as well. Link