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Pop-up book photoshopping contest

Today on Something Awful’s Photoshop Phriday contest: improbably pop-up books. Here is a nice example from the site. Nice movie as well… Link (via boingboing)

Swedish TV: hard to digest

What can I say? She will explain herself what is wrong with her. Whatever it is, she does it very professionally. it’s like she’s telling everybody ‘I know how to puke!’

Funny phonetic Belgian to English song

OKFuture has a link to a very, very funny English translation of a Belgian kids show: This is a hilariously naughty English translation of a song on a Dutch kids show. Whoever did this is brilliant, even though some of the lines in this song stand out even without the translation. What do you want…
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Suicide toy

This toy gun has a whistle on it. Just put it in your mouth and pull the trigger:

My own encryption key

Thanks to all kind of funny laws in the US of A I can now call myself the owner of the following 128 bit integer: 41 D5 77 97 FA B1 7B F9 3F D8 B9 06 DF 74 37 1C. Nope, you can not use this number anymore, it is mine. You want one…
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