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Art gadgets

I found this beautiful website of the “Universit√§t der K√ľnste in Berlin”. It features some of the most interesting gadgets I have seen in years. If only they would be available. Two fine examples include: The CharmingBurka: The Charming Burka deals with Freud’s idea that all clothes can be positioned between appeal and shame. The…
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Infrared LEDs make you invisible to CCTV cameras

Oberwelt e.V., a German artists collective presents a nice device which can protect you from all the infrared security cameras installed on public roads. It sends out an invisible infrared light that will make your face show up as a white bulb. I-R.A.S.C is a device giving every citizen a reliable protection from governmental security…
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Great video blog

WFMU’s Beware of the the Blog features a great Bollywood video clip. The clip istself is very infectious and will surely get a smile on your face. I can highly recommend the whole blog site. It features a large number of interresting movies. Highlights include the food triology by Jan Svankmajer and The Complaints Choir…
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Winner of science photo competition: eyeglasses on a fly

Boingboing features a very nice picture of a fly wearing eyeglasses. And since it is easier to copy than to write you own below follows a copy of the boingboing article: National Geographic has a photo of a housefly wearing miniature eyeglasses, which had been “crafted and set in place with a cutting-edge laser technique.…
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A while ago I blogged about a falling mannequin. Seems that someone has changed the flash file, so it now features a falling G.W. Bush. He just keeps falling and falling and … Link.