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Barbie and Ken orgie

Just found this nice Barbie and Ken photoshoot. The two are really ‘loving plastic’. Link.

Kill Bill’s Browser

The Kill Bill’s Browser site is trying to get people to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox. It features a cool and well known design plus 13 reasons to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox: 1. YOU’LL ONLY SEE PORN WHEN YOU WANT TO. Sick of seeing pornographic pop-ups all over your computer while you’re…
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Hundreds of 1900s-1930s MP3s

The shameless content thievery department found the following info on Boingboing.net. Here are MP3s made from hundreds of 78RPM discs recorded between 1900 and 1930. Included are notes on the transfer process and discographic information. Link. Now I only wished they had a torrent.