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The ten commandments of Bowieism

  Taken from Dangerous Minds  

Good tabbed putty quest

We all know Putty and it has been a very useful tool over the years (on windows that is). However there are some features that are really lacking, especially if you compare it to the likes of KDE Konsole or iTerm on the Mac. The feature I miss most is the ability to use tabs.…
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Changing the ID of the documentum installation owner on Unix

Because of some NFS issues I needed to synchronize the unix user account IDs of my various documentum installation owner accounts. I had expected it to be as easy as changing the passwd file and updating the rights. However things are slightly more complicated. Here is what I did: usermod -u 1234 dmadmin cd /opt/…
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8 bit creature party in Düsseldorf

httpvh:// A nice video by Anne Lucht Via: boingboing

My OS X Lion upgrade

So OS X Lion came out. I rushed to the AppStore to get myself a fresh copy and install it on my (almost fresh) install of Snow Leopard. After the download I started the installation and within no time I was all set up with Lion. Everything seemed smooth. Then I remembered the new FileVault…
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