Changing the ID of the documentum installation owner on Unix

Because of some NFS issues I needed to synchronize the unix user account IDs of my various documentum installation owner accounts. I had expected it to be as easy as changing the passwd file and updating the rights. However things are slightly more complicated. Here is what I did:

usermod -u 1234 dmadmin
cd /opt/
chown -R dmadmin /opt/documentum
chown -R dmadmin [path_to_data_directory]

This all seems to work, however you will notice that as soon as you try to logon you will get “logon denied” messages ruining your day. The simple and obvious fix for this one is to execute the following as root:

sh /opt/documentum/dba/dm_root_task

Oh so obvious, but it took me some time and a little help to get there.

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