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Restrict phpmyadmin access to local ip

Restrict access to phpmyadmin to your local net only

Great green attitude unitymedia!

We have a Unitymedia ECHOSTAR HDC-601 DVR which has worked well for the last 4 years. We have set the system to shut down after four hours of inactivity to save some energy and do a little for the environment. However since two nights the machine suddenly hangs and doesn’t shut down anymore. The display…
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Installing XBMC – perfect startup on Linux

This guide will allow you to install XBMC on an Ubuntu host and reduce the amount of output during the boot process.

Don’t worry, we only spy on terrorists (worry, because everyone we don’t like is a “terrorist”)

Bruce Schneier has a great essay about the fact that NSA spying apologists say that dragnet surveillance is limited to cases of terrorism: but “terrorism” is now synonymous with “whatever it is people we want to spy on are doing.” Back in 2002, the Patriot Act greatly broadened the definition of terrorism to include all…
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Moving windows to the second (SSD) drive

Apart from a Macbook I also own a private windows laptop. It is a rather old machine (more than three years), so it is becoming a little slow compared to modern hardware. Time for a SSD with more space than the packed 320Gb normal disk. To fully enjoy the new SSD the whole windows installation…
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