Great green attitude unitymedia!

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Great green attitude unitymedia!

We have a Unitymedia ECHOSTAR HDC-601 DVR which has worked well for the last 4 years.

Echostar HDC 601

We have set the system to shut down after four hours of inactivity to save some energy and do a little for the environment. However since two nights the machine suddenly hangs and doesn’t shut down anymore. The display freezes, the system doesn’t respond, but the power light is still on, so it will still consume 100% power.

I called Unitymedia’s technical support today to see if we can fix the system, or maybe change the box. They told me to go into the menu and change the settings to prevent the machine from going in standby. Hey, I know that keeping the machine on, will prevent problems with standby, but it will also raise my energy bill.

The support guy told me there is nothing more he could do. Since there is nothing really broken in the machine.Way to go Unitymedia!


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