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A new geek toy – Nabaztag

Just saw this lovely machine on TV. It is a Wireless enabled rabbit with rather good speech. You can send messages to the rabbit or ask it questions. It will connect to different services. It also has the ability to interact through a couple of lamps and by moving its ears. Wonderful! Link.

Daft hands and bodies

It all seems to have started with this video: And then some girls followed with a ‘whole body’ version: And now it seems that everyone is doing some kind of daft stuff. Where will this end?”

The good old games

Today I stumbled upon and found this very fine retro game. There is a lot more to explore on the neave website. Including a nice earth browser and a very freaky tv channel.

Customer reviews for $500 Denon cables

Denon has these wonderful (probably UTP) cables on offer for $500. The cable has the following benefits (taken from the Denon product page): Attention to detail when building this cable was used by employing high quality insulation, tin-bearing alloy shielding and woven jacketing to reduce vibration and to add durability.  Additionally, signal directional markings are…
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Mind control made easy

I have been thinking about cutting the amount of tax I need to pay. I finally decided that opening my own church was one of the best ways of achieving this goal. Picking a name was relatively easy: jordism wasn’t taken and due to the Scandinavian roots of the word ‘Jord’ a nice connection with…
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