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Documentum datadictionary languages

One of my customers had some troubles installing Documentum, so I went out to support them. The first step I did was check some basic functionality of their current installation. So I tried to create a document.

For some reason I was unable to select the document type (dm_document). Neither could I select format. Funny, funny. Well since the customer said they had problems with the installation, I decided to reinstall. There was nothing in the repository anyway.

During the installation I normally change the datadictionary script to add support for the “de” locale. I noticed that the remarks in front of the “de” line had already been removed. But someone also included a remark in front of the “en” line. Now I didn’t really pay attention to it thinking that it might as well be correct.

How wrong I was. After the installation I still had the same problems creating a document. Turns out that enabling “en” in the repository and publishing the datadictionary fixed the issue.

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