Once upon a time, the universe was really weird.

big bang
Photo taken from Flickr: { pranav }'s photostream

Discovery has an article talking about the first few moments our universe existed (those unspeakable time units shortly after the big bang). Scientists have calculated that the universe might have been going from one dimension + time, to the three dimensions + time that we value so much. They even expect the universe to go to four dimensions + time (maybe in 2012)

The thinking goes like this: Shortly after the Big Bang, the Universe possessed only one dimension of space and one dimension of time. It was basically a straight line. As the Universe began to cool, and expanded, this one dimension of space became “wrapped up” in such a way to create two dimensions of space and one of time — a plane, like a sheet of flat paper.

Make sure you have a look at the video at the end, explaining why it is so hard to understand multiple dimensions.


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