Creating a FAT32 thumb / SD on OS X

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Creating a FAT32 thumb / SD on OS X

I bought a WeTek Hub today to use it as a Kodi client for one of my PCs. I decided to go with Libreelec. Everything went very smooth and the system is up and running now. There was however a tiny step that cost me too much time: creating a FAT32 SD card on my mac. I had a SD card laying around that already had a different filesystem on it. For some reason my Mac was not able to remove the GPT partition and create an MBR partition with the standard Disk Utility. In the past, you could set the partition type, but in Mojave that option has been removed.

So it was command line. Not hard, but for future reference I wanted to keep the commands listed here. First we need to find the right disk:

diskutil list

will show the disks attached to your system. Make sure you pick the right one. On my system it was disk2. Then create a MBR partition on that disk and format it with FAT32. I also gave it the label WETEK.

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk2 MBR FAT32 WETEK 0b

That’s it. If you have a Wetek HUB as well, just copy the NAND installation files to the root of the directory, unplug the power and plug it in while keeping the reset button (at the bottom of the device) pressed for around 7/8 seconds.

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