How to thwart internet spying

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How to thwart internet spying

Arjen Kamphuis did a great article on the current state of the internet in the light of Snowden and what you should do about it. Apart from the good information he gave, he also offers the best argument against the “but I have nothing to hide” argument, I have seen in years:

Despite what some of the “but I have nothing to hide” apologists say, we have privacy rights and other civil liberties for the same reason we have a constitution. Not for situations where everything is OK but for those rare situations where things are not OK.

Privacy is the last line of defense against governments who lose sight of their reason for existing (to serve their people). Privacy is therefore not the enemy of security but the most basic part of it – because governments are much scarier than any would-be cyber-criminal or even terrorists. Criminals may steal some money and terrorists may kill a few people but when it comes to wars, mass repression or genocide you always need a government.



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