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Falling Mannequin

Here is a nice flash animation of a falling model. She just keeps on falling and falling until she finally lays down on a bubble. In which case you can ‘help’ her out.

Those funny Americans

I don’t want to go into patents and why they are bad for software development. I think there is enough info on the web already. Just some piece of might be related news. Today the US Supreme Court held Grokster responsible for the bad things their clients do with their software. From now on everyone…
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Hundreds of 1900s-1930s MP3s

The shameless content thievery department found the following info on Here are MP3s made from hundreds of 78RPM discs recorded between 1900 and 1930. Included are notes on the transfer process and discographic information. Link. Now I only wished they had a torrent.

Amarok SVN ebuild

I regularly check the SVN builds of Amarok my favorite music program (if you are using linux, go check it out). Since I also use Gentoo, I just needed to have a good ebuild for it. I found a very good file on the Amarok forums, but had some small problems with it (it did…
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Guinness Ice Lolly

Here is a nice howto for all you Guinness fans out there. You can probably use it with other forms of beer as well, since it just starts with canned beer. However, it might come in handy during the warm days that just hit us.