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What companies can learn from Open Source

Paul Graham has a nice article describing what companies can learn from open source technology: Lately companies have been paying more attention to open source. Ten years ago there seemed a real danger Microsoft would extend its monopoly to servers. It seems safe to say now that open source has prevented that. A recent survey…
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Leon de Winter, a Dutch author, wrote an essay about modern terrorism and the (non-) existing criticism of Muslim societies within the Muslim community. It features an interesting read about the possible why ‘we’ are getting bombed by ‘them’. Spiegel online has the (German) piece.

DRM Again

The inquirer has a nice rant about DRM and the upcoming products by Intel and Microsoft. It is a nice read, featuring all the arguments that could be summed up against those technologies (leaving out the pros for convenience). Link.

Why Hollywood stinks

Marginal Revolution has a nice analysis of what is wrong in Hollywood. They state the following 6 reasons (and yes I know 5 is listed twice, but a quote is a quote): 1. Hollywood cannot control its marketing costs or star salaries. The growing importance of DVDs increases the “needle in the haystack” problem for…
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Two pieces of news stoke my attention today. Both arrived on Heise. First of all: the European Parlament blocked the European Patents. So there will at least be a delay on that front. More information (German) can be found here. Second: it is still legal to download from allofmp3, but it might be illegal for…
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