Infrared LEDs make you invisible to CCTV cameras

Oberwelt e.V., a German artists collective presents a nice device which can protect you from all the infrared security cameras installed on public roads. It sends out an invisible infrared light that will make your face show up as a white bulb.

IRASC - Infrared LEDsI-R.A.S.C is a device giving every citizen a reliable protection from governmental security measures. I-R.A.S.C. is security against security and therefore a response to the dissymmetry of the forces between state and individual.

Instead of showing and interaction among human-beings, or between man and machine, I-R.A.S.C. demonstrates an interaction among machines. This is part of an absurd situation – while the time and effort invested into protection measures aims at the alleged safety of the citizens, the individual looses importance in this safety concept.

I-R.A.S.C is an infra-red device working as a protection shield from infra-red surveillance cameras. Everybody can rebuild this device without special technical skills.

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New living – almost done

Payed a visit to my new home today. I’m very impressed since it is almost completely done. A month early… So the next weeks I’ll be preparing for the next move.

And I now will have ethernet all over the place. No more wireless for non-moving PCs. A geeks dream come true 😉

Cameras in London aren’t solving crime

It is assumed that cameras will not prevent any crime, but will help solve it. In London, at least, this assumption doesn’t seem to be true anymore. London has spent about £200 (close to 300 million Euros) installing 10.000 CCTV cameras. The overall result of this investment is a decreased proportion of crime solved, not increased. There hardly seems to be a relation between the number of cameras and the proportion of crime solved.

  • There are now 10,524 CCTV cameras in 32 London boroughs funded with Home Office grants totalling about £200million.
  • Hackney has the most cameras – 1,484 – and has a better-than-average clearup rate of 22.2 per cent.
  • Wandsworth has 993 cameras, Tower Hamlets, 824, Greenwich, 747 and Lewisham 730, but police in all four boroughs fail to reach the average 21 per cent crime clear-up rate for London.
  • By contrast, boroughs such as Kensington and Chelsea, Sutton and Waltham Forest have fewer than 100 cameras each yet they still have clear-up rates of around 20 per cent.
  • Police in Sutton have one of the highest clear-ups with 25 per cent.
  • Brent police have the highest clear-up rate, with 25.9 per cent of crimes solved in 2006-07, even though the borough has only 164 cameras. cameras.

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Pictures of Germany during the 20-s

Here is a couple of wonderful photos of Germany in 1929.

These pictures were taken from an old coffee-table book of Germany. Other than two prefaces there was no text: only 304 full-page reproductions of black and white photographs with captions in five European languages.

Below is a nice 1929 picture of Cologne, the town I live in:

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