Those funny Americans

I don’t want to go into patents and why they are bad for software development. I think there is enough info on the web already. Just some piece of might be related news.

Today the US Supreme Court held Grokster responsible for the bad things their clients do with their software. From now on everyone who make software that has the possibility to share illegal files is responsible for their clients. How’s about a net share here?

More infos can be found here [an interview with one of the EFF attorneys], here [slashdot] here [boingboing] and here [].

Amarok SVN ebuild

I regularly check the SVN builds of Amarok my favorite music program (if you are using linux, go check it out). Since I also use Gentoo, I just needed to have a good ebuild for it. I found a very good file on the Amarok forums, but had some small problems with it (it did too much), so I made a small update.

If you are interested, here it is.

03/06 small update: on the Amarok forums someone pointed out that the same result could be achieved in a more elegant way. The download now points to the more elegant file.

06/08 update: Andrew pointed out that you need to update the ebuild with a couple of things. Please read the comments for the information. Personally I didn’t have any luck lately since the process now seems to need unsermake and QT4. I am working on that.

Guinness Ice Lolly

Here is a nice howto for all you Guinness fans out there. You can probably use it with other forms of beer as well, since it just starts with canned beer. However, it might come in handy during the warm days that just hit us.

Guinness Ice

Dutch major wants to stop hackers conference

boingboing reports: Dutch mayor wants to ban ‘what the hack’ conference/gathering because of ‘grave fear that the organisation of this event will endanger law and order as well as public safety’.” What The Hack is a computer security con — like DefCon meets Burning Man.

I have received word that you intend to organize an event “What The Hack” from July 28th 2005 through July 31st 2005 on Landgoed Velder in Liempde.

In order to organize such an event, you will need to obtain a permit ex art. 2.2.2. of Boxtel local ordinance 2004.

In light of the fact that there is grave fear that this event will endanger law and order as well as public safety, I, in my capacity as an authorized official, am herewith informing you that I will not issue such a permit.

A copy of this letter will be sent to the owners of the Landgoed Velder estate.

I assume that I have sufficiently informed you.

Yours truly,

J.A.M. van Homelen


I’m back at last

Well I’m back after a couple of weeks (months?). Lot of stuff happened. Here is an explanation as to why I haven’t been around for a while.

First I changed ISP. My old ISP set an unknown owner on all the files I uploaded through the gallery. They refused to change their settings, so I had to change ISPs. This change happened about 3 days before I went to Chile for a four weeks holiday. Needless to say I didn’t have an awful lot of time to work on the site.

When I came back there was a lot of work waiting for me, so I have been really, really busy. As from today, I hope to have a little bit more time.

Today I installed the new WordPress version 1.5. Downloaded a nice travelling theme at Alex King’s website, I might change it a bit, but that will definitely take some time. For now, the first priority is to get the galleries up and running.

When that is all set up, I probably will spend a lot of time uploading the pictures.

I’ve uploaded the Chili pictures you can find them here.