Macbook Pro – Retina, screen shows irremovable stains

If the screen of your MacBook Pro Retina starts to get stains that you can’t remove. Well you are not alone. Seems Apple has a problem with the coating of the screens and for some of us, the coating comes of. Where the coating is removed the screen looks like it is covered with grease. Cleaning those areas will not work, it does have the ability to make it worse though.

Apple up until today has not confirmed this issue. If you have problems I really recommend you return your Mac as long as it still has guarantee (AppleCare).

More info can be found here.

Installing mediabrowser in a jail root

I have been playing around with media browser lately. Media browser is a streaming server, like plex. For me it has the advantage that I can host the website and security at home. That way I can easily stream over https and control user authentication myself. For security reasons I installed it in a jail root using schroot on my debian box. This is how I did it.

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Recursively merge multi part movie files

So I had some split movies that I wanted to merge together. Since I didn’t want to search for every problematic file and manually fix it, I decided to write a script.

The script takes a top directory as argument and then goes through all sub directories looking for mp4 or avi files that have -part1 in the name. It then uses ffmpeg to convert those multi part files to a single movie file. If the doDelete variable is set, it will clean up the original multi part files. You might want to test the script on a couple of movies before enabling this.

DISCLAIMER: this script worked perfectly on my movie library, however if it eats your movies for breakfast or causes the world to explode, it is your responsibility. You ran it, didn’t you?

And for those who didn’t see it: it is Perl, so you will need Perl (and ffmpeg).


# Location of the Movies, all directories underneath
# will be scanned
my $baseDirectory = "/path/to/the/root/of/your/movies";

my $numberOfUpdates = 0;
my $doDelete = 0;

handle_dir($baseDirectory, '.avi|.mp4');

print "\nUpdated $numberOfUpdates files\n";

exit 0;

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