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Cooliris and the gallery

If you are using Firefox on Windows you should get the cooliris plugin. The plugin really does a nice job if you need to browse a collection of fotos. And since I finally have found a fix for the problems with my gallery, it even works on my gallery as well! Woot! UPDATE: cooliris is…
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Review: upgrade vista to XP

Here is a fine bloke who did what I have been dreaming of ever since I got my new Dell D830: he upgraded his Windows Vista installation to Windows XP. Although my own Vista installation runs a lot better than his, I do see a lot of familiar problems he seems to have fixed with…
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Kill Bill’s Browser

The Kill Bill’s Browser site is trying to get people to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox. It features a cool and well known design plus 13 reasons to switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox: 1. YOU’LL ONLY SEE PORN WHEN YOU WANT TO. Sick of seeing pornographic pop-ups all over your computer while you’re…
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