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Youtube increases sales of Monty Python

According to a post on slashdot: “Apparently it with the release of all of Monty Python’s material on YouTube, their sales have blown through the roof on Amazon.com. It is too bad there isn’t any proper news article about this, but I think it bodes well for those who champion free content. More importantly, it…
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Daft hands and bodies

It all seems to have started with this video: And then some girls followed with a ‘whole body’ version: And now it seems that everyone is doing some kind of daft stuff. Where will this end? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrghtXWfVYM”

Deus and Koen Wauters sing Belgie

Oh wow, the wonders of youtube. dEUS brought out a new album, so I thought maybe they already posted a video. And then I stumble upon this one: Koen Wauters and Tom Barman (both from Belgium) performing the song Belgie by the Dutch band ‘Het Goede Doel’. Wonderful.