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Installation challence

So I wanted to install Mythbuntu on my old Dell C640, I downloaded the CD and started the PC. Things went cool until the installation reached 25%. At that point ubiquity decided that the CD was corrupt and the installation could not continue. So I tested the CD on both the old computer and a…
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Ubuntu hardy

Alright, I’ve done it. Have been playing around with Feisty and got it all to work on my precious Dell D830. I had a lot of problems with Feisty (you will find the links on the left) so when Gutsy came out I hoped everything would be fixed (it did have the new intel drivers).…
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Own repository

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new Laptop for work: a Dell D830 with Santa Rosa Chipset. A nice machine, but it couldn’t run Kubuntu with Beryl and all the nice graphics features I use to make Vista look pale. To solve the issue I backported a couple of packages from gutsy to…
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No new ebuilds

Since it might concern some of you, I have switched away from Gentoo. Although it has been great fun, I don’t have the time anymore to build everything from scratch. I came to the point where I want a distribution that “just works”. For what it is worth, the choice of today seems to be…
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