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Installation challence

So I wanted to install Mythbuntu on my old Dell C640, I downloaded the CD and started the PC. Things went cool until the installation reached 25%. At that point ubiquity decided that the CD was corrupt and the installation could not continue. So I tested the CD on both the old computer and a…
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Infrared LEDs make you invisible to CCTV cameras

Oberwelt e.V., a German artists collective presents a nice device which can protect you from all the infrared security cameras installed on public roads. It sends out an invisible infrared light that will make your face show up as a white bulb. I-R.A.S.C is a device giving every citizen a reliable protection from governmental security…
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OK, I though I was never going to do this… I have been skipping advertisement everywhere I can… Installed ad-blocking stuff for my pc (adzapper and mozilla,) and even built a mythtv box to get rid of commercials on tv. However if advertisement makers can guarantee me that everything they make will be as nice…
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Norway to put its TV and radio online

Norway has decided to put a lot of TV and Radio (public channels) online. This could have been a great project, but the government of Norway decided to put all the content through Microsoft DRM. Thus giving Microsoft control over who can play the content, where and on what devices. Boingboing‘s Cory did a nice…
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Why Hollywood stinks

Marginal Revolution has a nice analysis of what is wrong in Hollywood. They state the following 6 reasons (and yes I know 5 is listed twice, but a quote is a quote): 1. Hollywood cannot control its marketing costs or star salaries. The growing importance of DVDs increases the “needle in the haystack” problem for…
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