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Holland for my German friends

I have been on my way in Holland again for the last 12 Months. A lot of things happen in this small country where I was born. When I left in 2000 the country was a pretty open society where people were proud to live together with a lot of cultures. Although Holland is still…
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Pictures of Germany during the 20-s

Here is a couple of wonderful photos of Germany in 1929. These pictures were taken from an old coffee-table book of Germany. Other than two prefaces there was no text: only 304 full-page reproductions of black and white photographs with captions in five European languages. Below is a nice 1929 picture of Cologne, the town…
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Two pieces of news stoke my attention today. Both arrived on Heise. First of all: the European Parlament blocked the European Patents. So there will at least be a delay on that front. More information (German) can be found here. Second: it is still legal to download from allofmp3, but it might be illegal for…
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