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Holland for my German friends

I have been on my way in Holland again for the last 12 Months. A lot of things happen in this small country where I was born. When I left in 2000 the country was a pretty open society where people were proud to live together with a lot of cultures. Although Holland is still known for its ‘open atmosphere’… Read more →

Dolphin ‘Moko’ saves whales

CNN Asia has a story about a Dolphin that saved two pygmy whales (a mother an a calf). A dolphin swam up to two distressed whales that appeared headed for death in a beach stranding in New Zealand and guided them to safety, witnesses said Wednesday. The actions of the bottlenose dolphin — named Moko by residents who said it… Read more →

Schneier versus Brin

Bruce Schneier (of Schneier on security) posted an essay on wired about what he calls: The Myth of the ‘Transparent Society’. In his essay he tries to explain why the ‘Transparent Society’, as defined by David Brin, is a failing concept: When I write and speak about privacy, I am regularly confronted with the mutual disclosure argument. Explained in books… Read more →

Living in a western society now has become a sin.

With unendless wisdom the vatican today declared seven new (possibly deadly) sins. These sins basically make it impossible to live in any western kind of society (if you share the negative view that we are rich because they are poor). The New “Social” Sins “Bioethical” violations such as birth control “Morally dubious” experiments such as stem cell research Drug abuse… Read more →

I finally found my way to Wikileaks is a website for whistleblowers, it accepts classified, censored or otherwise restricted material of political, diplomatic or ethical significance. I read a lot about it during the time they were brought offline by the Swiss bank, but never found a moment to just have a look at the site. Until today that… Read more →

Top 10 Ways to Get Cables Under Control

Lifehacker has the 10 best ways to get rid of your cablesalad. When you finally decide it’s time to do something about that rat’s nest of cables that’s spreading like kudzu, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to get it under control. Whether you’re looking to stow your headphone wires tangle-free in your gym bag,… Read more →

Tech support fun

David Pogue of NY Times visited a tech support center. They gave him a CD with funny customer calls. On one call, the caller seemed to be taking an inordinately long time to complete each instruction she was given. Agent: Ma’™am, I can’™t help noticing that every time I give you an instruction, it takes a really long time before… Read more →

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