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Why DRM cannot work

Cory Doctorow (of boingboing fame) wrote a nice column where he explains why DRM (Digital Rights Management) will never work. The article is intended to explain to non-technical people why DRM is impossible. It also explains why DRM only hurts people who actually go out and buy the content and NOT the pirates. The thing…
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Suicide toy

This toy gun has a whistle on it. Just put it in your mouth and pull the trigger:

Own repository

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new Laptop for work: a Dell D830 with Santa Rosa Chipset. A nice machine, but it couldn’t run Kubuntu with Beryl and all the nice graphics features I use to make Vista look pale. To solve the issue I backported a couple of packages from gutsy to…
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New look ‘n’ feel

I’ve updated the look ‘n’ feel. The new theme supports comments on pages, so now you can comment on the pages. Please register and do.

New layout

I finally have changed the layout! I also changed the way to access the Gallery. It is now embedded. Thanks to the guys at ozgreg for writing the WordPress plugin and helping me out with some question. Hope you enjoy it.