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Finally a good OS X music player

Finally, I hear you ask? But we have iTunes! Yeah right. I don’t mind how well iTunes might serve others, for me it is just not working at all. I have around 7500 Ogg Vorbis files that just won’t really work. iTunes will play them, but forget about reading the metadata and artworks. You can…
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One Macbook Pro two hard disks and encryption

To celebrate Mountain Lion I decided to install a SSD in my aging but functioning Macbook Pro. I removed the optical drive, because I hardly use it anyway and installed the drive as a second drive. After that I installed a fresh copy of Mountain Lion on the SSD. The “old” disk now holds my…
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iCal and Adress Book in Lion

While waiting for Filevault to encrypt my hard disk, I clicked the iCal and Address Book applications. Surprise. Apple has been known for its consistent user interfaces, so I have no clue what got into them designing the leather interfaces of those applications. Hey that might look good on the iPad, but Leather has nothing…
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My OS X Lion upgrade

So OS X Lion came out. I rushed to the AppStore to get myself a fresh copy and install it on my (almost fresh) install of Snow Leopard. After the download I started the installation and within no time I was all set up with Lion. Everything seemed smooth. Then I remembered the new FileVault…
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