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Installing XBMC – perfect startup on Linux

This guide will allow you to install XBMC on an Ubuntu host and reduce the amount of output during the boot process.

Prevent grub screen after failed boot

After the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 I noticed that my HTPC box wouldn’t automatically reboot after a hard reset. I always had to connect a keyboard and press the enter button to resume booting. Kind of an unwanted situation for a box that stands in the living room. So I went through the grub.cfg file…
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Installation challence

So I wanted to install Mythbuntu on my old Dell C640, I downloaded the CD and started the PC. Things went cool until the installation reached 25%. At that point ubiquity decided that the CD was corrupt and the installation could not continue. So I tested the CD on both the old computer and a…
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Henk Hofstra: environmental art in Leeuwarden

People who read my blog now that I frequently post articles I have read on Boing Boing. This post is not different from that rule. There is just one funny twist about this one: I find it unbelievable that I have to read an American blog to know what is happening in Leeuwarden. Afterall my…
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Ubuntu hardy

Alright, I’ve done it. Have been playing around with Feisty and got it all to work on my precious Dell D830. I had a lot of problems with Feisty (you will find the links on the left) so when Gutsy came out I hoped everything would be fixed (it did have the new intel drivers).…
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